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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bolt 23/3/5 - Hinch and Abbott
I don't know what's wrong with Bolt at the moment, but he keeps writing things to which I don't really object.

Like today's, in which he raises his eyebrows at Derryn Hinch for being somewhat of a hypocrite - the great crusading paedophile hunter and exposer, outing himself (just outside the statutory limitations period for prosecutions) as a man who'd slept with a 15 year old as a 30 year old.

As he points out, referring to Hinch's unsympathetic editorialising on the Orbost teacher matter -

Hinch then saw sex with a minor as inexcusably bad. Why accept excuses now?

He also has a bit of a go at Tony Abbott for being an irresponsible cad of a youth:

What only weeks ago was being sold -- not least by Abbott -- as their happily-ever-after story has instantly become a biblical morality play instead. Abbott has already had to live for years with an uneasy conscience over the decision he made with Donnelly -- when both were teenagers -- to adopt out what he thought was their baby.

That decision stays made, whoever the baby's father is, and is fixed in Abbott's knowledge of himself. He walked from his duty to look after the son he was sure he'd sired, leaving him to the mercy of strangers.

Sadly, Bolt then goes on to have a bit of a whack with his puritan no sex before marriage ideology, which will make any later revelations about Bolt's pre-marital sex life relevant on the issue of his own personal hypocrisy.

Still, it's not too objectionable for a Bolt rant. Bit boring and predictable - the only point of the columns appears to be as a chance for a bit of sanctimonious sex-related pontificating, although the targets (Hinch and Abbott) probably deserve it. But it's good to see conservatives who can recognise hypocrisy in others even on their own "side" (even if I can't imagine him ever recognising it in himself).

We'll see what he comes up with on Friday.

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